Compare In Home Care Services in New Jersey

What kind of in-home care services your loved one requires may be a question on your mind. Our Director of Saba Home Health Care of Toms River will discuss your family member’s needs and develop a tailored plan of care that fits into one or more of the following categories.

Companion Care

The general help your loved one receives from this at-home service is focused on meeting their social and emotional needs. We also assist with daily responsibilities (commonly known as Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs), in addition to stimulating conversations and enjoyable activities that they like.

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  • Discussions and pursuits tailored to their interests
  • transport to and from events, activities, and appointments
  • When they shouldn’t be alone, provide dementia support
  • prescription reminders
  • lightweight housekeeping and laundry
  • meals and running errands
  • assisting in communication with others via letters, emails, and social media
  • Participation in crafts, reading, gaming, or puzzles
  • Family caregivers’ break

Personal Care

These services assist your family member with routine daily activities, sometimes referred to as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), that may call for a little more assistance. Although physical support is the major emphasis of our services, our home health aides are sympathetic and mindful of each client’s emotional needs:

  • Support for movement both within and outside the home
  • feeding assistance with following dietary guidelines
  • Personal and oral hygiene
  • Bathing
  • Getting ready and grooming
  • Help using the restroom
  • Pre- and post-operative care for outpatients

Skilled nursing care

This category of in-home healthcare services is offered by Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), or Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) and includes medical treatment like catheter upkeep, wound care, prescription management, blood draws, and training for sophisticated equipment like ventilators. The following advanced care requirements can be met by nurses so that your loved one can get these services and treatments while still living at home:

  • Administration and management of medications
  • Taking care of wounds
  • Injections and blood tests
  • Chemotherapy is a type of central and peripheral intravenous drug therapy.
  • Assistance with medical supplies such as oxygen tanks or ventilators
  • Administering and caring for catheters
  • Changing PICC line dressings
  • G-tube feedings, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), or other feedings
  • Mediports for epidurals
  • Speech, occupational, or physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation

Care That Changes As Your Needs Change

Our nurse-led team at Saba Home Health Care of Toms River can alter the in-home care services we offer as your loved one’s requirements vary. Our educated professional care staff is equipped to keep an eye out for changes in health and wellbeing and report them immediately to our Director so that the care plan can be modified as necessary.

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