Fall Prevention Home Care Program

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Falling is not a normal part of aging. There are things that older adults can do around the home to reduce the risk of falling. We can reduce falls and injuries by addressing home hazards with Fall Prevention Home Care Services and our specialized risk assessment and program.

Did you know?

Over 36 million falls are reported among older adults each year, resulting in more than 32,000 deaths. About 3 million older adults are treated at the ER for fall injuries every year!

Why is fall prevention important?

The most common cause of injury sustained on persons over the age of 65 is falling. Falling injuries may not be immediately apparent, yet failing to notice symptoms might have catastrophic consequences. One out of every 5 falls causes an injury that can cause great physical and mental suffering, and recovery can take up to a year in a long-term care institution or rehabilitation facility. When an elderly person falls, the pressure from staying on the floor for a long time might worsen other chronic illnesses, including kidney failure.

How Can Fall Prevention Home Care Help?

Most falls happen because of loss of balance. Patients may have neglected the use of a walker or other assistive device and fallen as a result. Caregivers focus on reducing the risk of injury and frequency of falls to encourage safe, independent at-home living.

Fall prevention home care providers assess how the environment fits with what the patient needs to do in their daily life. There are a lot of things around the house we encounter on a daily basis that could be potentially hazardous. We increase safety by minimizing these fall hazards that may interrupt our daily routines. Installing grab bars, reorganizing frequently used items to make them more accessible, removing falling hazards and rearranging furniture if necessary are some of the ways our Fall Prevention Program helps to minimize risks and injuries.

Our Fall Prevention Care Program includes:

  • Assessment & Safety Check
    • Schedule home care assessment to determine services, providing outside resources as needed.
    • Safety check: area rugs and electrical cords.
  • Caregiver Matching & Training
    • Meet with the selected aide and introduce them to see if it’s a good match. Choose start date and schedule RN clinical assessment for start of care.
    • Aide Skills Training: Handing Washing & Determine Client Preferences
  • RN Supervised Quality Assurance
    • Making sure aide knows everything, providing continuity of care. Can take up to 2 hours.
    • Observe interaction between client and aide.
    • Continued education of aide and client to be sure they are up to date with best practices.
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Quality assurance is our priority

Our fall prevention program also includes

  • Owner drop in for quality check 1-2 days after start date.
  • Regular communication with client and family members from office team members.
  • 30 day RN phone call.
  • 60 day RN in-home visit.
  • 6 month reassessment.

You Have The Power To Prevent A Fall

Active programs like Tai Chi and other low impact exercises and strategies to help you strengthen the muscles you need to improve your balance and get up from the ground if you do fall. You’ll feel more steady and secure while gaining confidence in your ability to prevent falls. Older adults who can’t get around as well and want to prevent falls, we will evaluate you and design a tailored program of exercises and adjustments to your environment to reduce the risk of falls.

Action is the secret to successful fall prevention. Participating in an evidence based fall prevention program can lower your chances of a fall, keeping you safe and independent.

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